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Response to Covid-19 Fundraiser

100% of all money raised through our GoFundMe fundraiser goes directly towards vouchers.
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Mano nella mano is a community-led initiative distributing gift vouchers to those stranded in Australia on student and temporary visas during this Covid-19 crisis. Isolated, with limited social or community networks for emotional support, the gifts are also invitations for friendship.

Many who are studying or working in the arts, retail and hospitality industries have found themselves unexpectedly stranded, with no way of getting home, no source of income and no emotional support. Without family and social networks, citizenship rights, a way to get home or financial support from the Australian or Italian governments.

$50 grocery vouchers provide immediate community support and a reminder that there is indeed an Australian community surrounding those who are now most vulnerable and working in Australia on temporary work and student visas.


Mano Nella Mano is attempting to fill the gap in resources while also extending an offer of friendship and community in this most difficult time by assisting in funding vouchers for verified Italian citizens stranded in Australia on temporary work and student visas.



A letter to you from Carlotta: